EGC 2007     July 14 - 28

Enjoy the beauty of Carinthia - by purchasing the  Kärnten Card   you will get free access to over 100 excursion destinations.
Kobayashi Chizu will stay at the EGC !
Infos about other Japanese GO professionals soon!
Casino evening in the Casino Velden with sparkling wine reception for the congress participants
“Go“ in japanese woodcuts.
Ukiyo-e exhibition in the gallery of the city of Villach
50 original woodcuts from the Gerstorfer collection, dating from 1720 to 1988
Galerie Freihausgasse
Exhibition on the roots of european Go
The boy on the right has already started his career in the k.u.k.(imperial and royal) navy. Born 1880, Arthur Jonak von Freyenwald will become the founder of Europe's first known Go club.
Peter Woitke (left) is well-known in the Go community as the programmer of GoAhead. Less well-known among us is Chrilly Donninger (right), who the world owes thanks for Hydra, currently the strongest chess program on the market. Together they are now working on a new Go program - Suzie. The project is financed by ChessBase. During the EGC 2007 it will be possible to measure your strength against a prototype and to win small prizes sponsored by ChessBase.
Go and artificial intelligence
Martin Müller (professor at the University of Alberta) is going to explain the possibilities and limitations of today's artificial intelligence, using Go as an example, in a lecture together with Peter Woitke and Chrilly Donninger.
7 x 7 x 7
Introduction to 3D-Go with Laurin
Event location: CCV - Congress-Center-Villach
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Some addresses :
Congress Center Villach Europaplatz 1 map (red flag)
Youth Hostel St. Martiner Straße 13a
(+43(0)4242-56368) map (black flag)
Kolpinghaus Hausergasse 5
(+43 (0)4242/27071) map (black flag)
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    Juggling competition


    The region around Villach — the Carinthian lake district in Austria's most southern province — unites all the advantages of both mediterranean and alpine climates in a unique harmony.

    The lake closest to Villach — Lake Ossiacher See — has a water temperature of 26° Celsius (79° Fahrenheit) in summer and, like all lakes in the region, offers drinking water quality. Villach, with its spa Warmbad is a health resort 500m above sea level, and the whole region is a protected area.

    Moreover, Villach has a history of 900 years and is the cultural center of southern Austria.

    The city is a hub of major traffic routes and therefore very easy to reach. Apart from numerous hiking trails, castles, ruins and excellent gastronomy the region caters to all other touristic interests as well.